Natural healing energy becomes strong by seeing this figure

Natural healing energy is constituted by four consciousness of man

Sample figure [New healing points]

healing consciousness
New healing points

Healing energy can be reinforced by seeing this figure.

Outline of book

Why is it effective in "Only see"?

Healing points by seeing.

Only by seeing "Super Mirroring Point" of the human body figure of this book, soul and flesh change healthily wonderfully.

"Super Mirroring Point" is "the unique point" (about 3 mm ~ 10 mm round shapes) in the skin.

Because, "Super Mirroring Point" of the skin is activated by seeing. And   "recognition" and "a check" of "Super Mirroring Point" can be performed

From here, "Super Mirroring Point" is omitted to "SMP."

"Recognition" and "a check" of "SMP" of the skin enable cerebral "activation" and "control."

"Recognition" of "SMP" means that "SMP" of the skin reacts by seeing "SMP" in a human body figure. The reaction draws "mirroring." And cerebral "information domain" "ignites." And a brain "is activated." It can change   "consciousness." A brain also changes.

"A check" of "SMP" says that "SMP" is correctly found out with your finger. If it becomes so, the information domain of "SMP" will be made by the brain. And an information domain is easily achievable.

The final purpose is for control to be able to do "consciousness" freely. It is that the soul of such an ideal is realizable.

Then, the "information domain" of the brain of "SMP" is activated. As a result, life-support capacity, muscular capability, and social correspondence capability become very good.

The above is the physiological action of "SMP." The following sentence describes with what kind of function and environment factor "SMP" is connected.

Human beings' "four systems of consciousness"on new healing points

 healing consciousness
Healing energy is constituted by four consciousness

The information on new healing points"SMP" is "information on existence energy" currently emitted from the universe or everything.

The "consciousness" of human beings is built by the "existence energy information" from the universe and everything.

All the phenomena which human beings can recognize can be divided into two.

The 1st is the "inside system" of the power from inside. The 2nd is “outside system" of the power from outside. An "inside system" manages life-support capacity and "outside system" manages societal reality capability.

And an "inside system" is divided into a "life system" and a "substance system." Moreover, “outside system" is divided into a "head coordinate system" and the "solar system.

1  " Life system", Trees Animal etc. . . .

2 “Substance system", Fire Water metal etc. . . .

3 “Head coordinate system", Axis of coordinates of spatial awareness etc. . . .

4 “Solar system", the sun Moon Venus etc. . . .

Four "systems" influences and synchronizes with "consciousness" of human beings. Those results formed the character of 100 million, and have induced the diversity of human beings' consciousness.

These phenomena are called "Mirroring." It consented to the brain science "mirror neuron" of "Mr. Ilayanur S. Ramachandran" and "Mr. Giacomo Rizzolatti" Then, it names.

The "consciousness" of human beings is connected with "all things", and is synchronizing and resonating. In other words, sets of the "consciousness" of everything are human beings. The state is called "Super Mirroring."

The domain of the brain of "SMP" is activated "by seeing." And "life-support capacity" "Social capability" "Muscular capability" becomes good wonderfully. It is the purpose of this book.

Human body functional information on new healing points "SMP"

Functional information on new healing points"SMP." They are "language", "color", a "direction", a "map direction", "recognition of a spatial position", "recognition of a substance", "social ability to adapt", "life-support capacity", a "muscular function", an "energy level", etc.

If possible (color terminal), please have a look.

If possible (terminal of a color monitor output), the inspection of this book recommends you use. It is for validating the sense of color of "SMP" of a human body figure.

Sample figure [New healing points]

healing consciousness
Healing of four consciousness

The English translation version of this book is due to be published in the near future.

Healing of four consciousness by seeing.

Healing of four consciousness